Planning The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

by Matthew Long, Gigcentric.Com


Putting together a wedding for the ages is hard work even when you take full advantage of the services provided by planners and other professional assistants. You are definitely going to be looking forward to your honeymoon once the vows are exchanged and you have said goodbye to the last of your guests! Take a little time to ensure that your honeymoon is perfect by picking the right destination and planning your trip properly.

For a lot of aspects of wedding planning, professional expertise is invaluable. Full-time planners play a huge role in organizing the ceremony itself and a lot of them can also be of assistance with the honeymoon. Travel agents can also help out, especially when it comes to assembling cost-saving packages and finding special perks.

What you need to realize, though, is that agents and planners cannot really help you with the biggest of your honeymoon decisions, especially your choice of destination. You need to come up with your basic plan on your own and then turn to the professionals to help you enhance it.

Work Together

Most strong marriages involve a certain amount of labor division and a lot of couples get that ball rolling by splitting up the wedding planning responsibilities. When it comes to your honeymoon, though, you need to come together and make sure you are both on the same wavelength.

A trip planned exclusively by one spouse might well be disappointing for the other. This can end up spoiling the honeymoon for both of you! Make sure that you settle on a destination (and a general plan of activities) that is going to make you both happy.

Scheduling: Start Planning Early

With a wedding coming up, the last thing you are looking forward to is more long-lead planning, but it really pays to get your honeymoon sorted out as early as possible. Some of the most breathtaking honeymoon options need to be booked a long time in advance and the earlier you set your plans, the cheaper your honeymoon is going to be.

Your choice of destination can also affect the scheduling of your trip or even your entire wedding. (Provided you insist on honeymooning immediately after the ceremony, of course!) Do your homework on your destination and make sure that you are planning the trip you really want. Seasonal tourism, climate conditions, and other factors can make a destination that is dreamy in the summer nightmarish in the winter and vice-versa.

Set Your Budget And Then Protect It

One big benefit of planning your honeymoon early is that you will get a very good idea of just how much it is going to cost. Do the smart thing and set aside the necessary funds early. The final run-up to your wedding is always full of unplanned expenses and your honeymoon cash can start to look like a tempting reserve. Making honeymoon commitments well in advance will reduce the temptation to raid your travel funds.

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself both before your trip and once you are on your way. Invest in travel insurance that covers cancellation and unplanned medical expenses. Sort out all of the paperwork and prosaic travel preparations (e.g. visas and vaccinations) well in advance. Have a worst-case backup plan (an alternate destination or an alternate date) ready in case you get blindsided by major last-minute changes.

A honeymoon should be a romantic and nearly magical experience. With the right planning and smart choices, it will be that and more!

Matthew Long is a successful businessman and event specialist. He is co-founder and CEO of Gigcentric.Com, a company that provides professionals with event planning software designed to help run and grow their business.


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