Wedding Fitness Tip

by Dina Castillo, Wedding Boot Camp


Here is a simple tip that has helped people lose up to 6 pounds in 4 weeks.
Get your Meal Timing down first before anything! People alway think that eating well means avoiding junk food. It all starts with WHEN you eat, not WHAT you eat. If your timing isn't down first, then all bets are off. So see if you can follow the basic timing rules and if you do, I promise you that you will see the weight starting to come off:


  1. Always eat 30 min within getting up in the morning
  2. Never eat 90 min before your natural bedtime. If this one can't be avoided, make it a protein only snack like a piece of meat or a hard boiled egg, No Carbs!
  3. Always eat within 60 min after your workout. Longer than this and the starvation mode in your body kicks in and then what you are doing is tearing down lean tissue. Not a good thing. Sure you lost weight, but not the kind you want to lose.
  4. Never go longer than 4 hours when you are awake without some kind of food. Longer than that and the dreaded starvation mode kicks in, which is to be avoided at all costs.


by Dina Castillo, Wedding Boot Camp
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